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The GAP-GAUGE is a tool with proven capacity being used in different applications on the automotive and aeronautic industries. Used on different areas such as pilot plant, body shop, measuring department, buy parts, final assembly and audit areas, this tool is used by the most of the automotive manufacturers.
To assure the higher standards we have choosen the polycarbonate which is a highly resistant and friendly surface material, allowing quick measurements without damaging the product.
the GAP-GAUGE are available in two options:
GAP-GAUGE G25 for gaps from 0,25mm til 4mm intervals of 0,25mm

Designed for interior parts. The right tool for a quick inspection and assembly activities on final assembly, quality departments for audit, meisterbocks and cubings investigations.

 gap-gauge G25

gap-gauge G50 for gaps from 0,50mm til 8mm intervals of 0,50mm

Designed for exterior parts.The right tool for a quick inspection and assembly activities. mostly used on the body shops, final assembly, quality departments for audit activities, meisterbocks and cubings investigations.

a combination of two GAP-GAUGES G50 will extend the volume range from 0,50mm til 16mm with steps of 0,50mm

as well a combination of a GAP-GAUGE G25 with the a GAP-GAUGE G50 will extend the volume range from 0,25mm til 12mm with steps of 0,25mm

as main feature we want to focus the great advantages of GAP-GAUGE:

  price (affordable price against traditional tools)

  accuracy (±25µm or 5% of nominal value, gives reliable inspection results)


  dimensional stability (under different environment conditions, temperature and humidity)

  low hardness (allows the use in plastic and painted parts without damage)

  low wear (longer life span)

  sturdy conception (made with polycarbonate)

Intuitive use (no specific training required)  

  ergo nomic (developed to be used on different inspection applications)

  black printed values for easy readings

 discount of quantities available on the following packs:


                            quantities   unit price


from 01 to 09 units     20,0 €


from 10 to 24 units     19,5 € 


from 25 to 49 units     19,0 € 


from 50 to 99 units     18,5 €


from 100 to 249 units  18,0 €


from 250 to 499 units  17,5 €


from 500 to 999 units  16,5 €


           up 1000 units   15,0 €


                       *all prices ex-works, VAT excl.




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