our company's mission is to bring innovative products and solutions to the next level, leveraging business channels and representations of an exclusive selection of manufacturers and products onto the business-to-business.



  • comercial representations bringing innovative products and solutions 
  • quality assurance providing local representation on the quality area to reduce costs and minimize risks.

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  • metrology services parts measurements, investigations, meisterbocks, jigs verifications. all this for automotive, aeronautic and many other industries. 
  • metrology training basic & advanced metrology training. metrology software training packages.
  • Engineering services reverse engineering, key-on-solutions and special investigations

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 did you know?


the purple heart is a u.s. military decoration given to soldiers wounded in battle. more...


website from PURPLEDIMENSION is online.


PURPLEDIMENSION started  his activities at july 23th with the representation of the tools gap-gauges. more...

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